Ritualizing morning Cacao to raise your consciousness, awaken your heart and change your reality





Deepen your spiritual journey: Create a Sacred morning ritual that connects you to the Cacao Plant Consciousness to accelerate your EVOLution

Begin your new morning ritual drinking delicious Sacred Cacao

Pure Cacao is used as a heart opening medicine. When pure Cacao is combined with your spiritual practice, you can expect inner awakening and creative guidance. 

Begin your daily Sacred Cacao ritual and experience the powerful effects for your mind, body and spirit! Download the RECIPE here....


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Hello beautiful Souls!

The Goddess (or God) doesn't enter us from outside; she emerges from deep within. She is not held back by what happened in the past. She is conceived in consciousness, born in Love, and nurtured by higher thinking. She is integrity and value, created and sustained by the hard work of personal growth and the discipline of a life lived actively in hope. Marianne Williamson

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Learn how this food of the Gods and Goddesses, this powerful plant medicine, can support your spiritual journey and how to ritualize it by creating your own personal sacred ceremony every morning.  
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A holistic mind/body/spirit planner + journal created by Judy Machado-Duque

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"This temple is like Church for me. This is my sisterhood. I can share my celebrations, sadness and fears knowing that the reactions are genuine. The support I get here is a true blessing. I love o watch everyone's progress and this group"


"The goddess temple weekly calls are like family. Gatherings to me...the ones I always hoped they would be like!! 😉 Where there are True goddesses who are all on a journey! Where we can all share and be ourselves in a safe space. Where we can come in with crazy fun ideas or just listen to others! Where love flows!! It is set in my calendar to be there almost every week as it's my hour of encouragement, grounding and love!! ❤️ I feel a bit lost when I miss it - like missing a hug from your favourite person"


"The weekly Goddess Calls are magic. I come on these weekly calls knowing that by the end of the call I am in even more higher vibration. I always check in with my self on how I am feeling before, and by the end, always more love and aspirations. At the beginning my connection with The Goddess Temple I didn't really know any Goddess, now even thought I might not have meet one in person, I am so deeply connected to each one. The inner work that has happened as a collective from year to year is profound. Whatever the goals are that we have individually, we have affirmations and manifestations around them, even when we get into breakdown, we release , surrender and feel complete. We share our challenges and our celebrations. Being part of the Goddess Temple in a true investment of growth for myself which actually grows into how my business has grown and my family, my health, my income has as well. I can't imagine not being part of the Galactic Alignment"


""I'm a Mom"prenueur, "Solo"preneur AND "Intro"preneur. The Temple is a place I can go to (without leaving the comforts of home) and be around fantastic women all on the same mission: to better themselves and their business. I don't feel so isolated anymore and instead, I feel part of a loving community of inspiring and motivating support! It's an incredible feeling!""


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Sacred Womb Healing Ceremony with Cacao

Join as we take you through 2 beautiful hours of meditations, activations to awaken the energies in your womb and to create heart and womb coherence. 

Learn More + Register Aug 4 or Aug 18

Happy Healthy Women Authentically Connecting

Start your week online for an hour with a gorgeous group of women starting with a Cacao Blessing + Sound Bath

Learn More + Register for July 27

3 Simple Ways to Get Clear On Your Purpose

A 1.5 hour online workshop to support you with some tools to getting clear on your passions and purpose

Learn More + Register for August 11

Get some clarity and momentum for your next 90 days

Judy guides you through a powerful 90 DAY VISION worksheet which supports your biggest desires and creates momentum

Learn More + Register August 5

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ARC is an empowering Love story about Jana, a Canadian travelling to Peru and personally witnessing the devastation and destruction in the Rainforest. She returned to Canada with an overwhelming sense of responsibility to take action, applying for and receiving charitable status for ARC from the Canadian government in 2014. Judy (Founder of The Goddess Temple) spent 8 years as a Partner in a Global private label candle business, responsible for cutting down palm trees in precious Rainforests. ARC has captured Judy's heart with a platform now to BE THE CHANGE and support the Rainforest, the lungs of our planet.