Unity Bubble Transmission, Shamanic Sound Bath + Cacao Ceremony

A powerful ceremony to connect to the Spirit of Cacao, open up your heart, transmit and activate a protection and UNITY field around you.

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A transmission that was guided by higher consciousness beings to provide a means for humanity to end suffering and evolve consciously. Join us to receive your transmission + activation.

The purpose of the UNITY BUBBLE is to provide "protection" and "connection. 

Protection from external, out of alignment spiritual interferences, connection to your Higher Aspect and to your own personal divine belief. 

A spiritual technology that will empower you to awaken...

...and embrace your truest destiny, the Unity Bubble gently clears the space around you of negative energy and low vibrations

This clearing makes room for a deeper connection....

....with the soul and opens you up to accept abundance in all areas of your life as it filters out emotional hindrances like fear, self-doubt and judgment, which often have the power to create imbalance and uncertainty

The only thing required of you to receive the Unity Bubble is an authentic openness to its power and a willingness to accept it into your heart

What is the UNITY BUBBLE?

A spiritual technology that imparts a series of transmissions that will awaken your greatest strengths, empowering you to accept the past, honour the present and celebrate the future.

A number of healing techniques will be used to access your subconscious and unconscious mind.
The results will be remarkable and will include the revelation of your true purpose and the achievement of non-duality, the balanced state of conscious happiness, self-acceptance and peace, which is often referred to as enlightenment or nirvana. You will come away from this healing experience having entered a loving and compassionate state of wholeness and deeper soul connection.
Clear Soul Karma bridges ancient technology to modern living, sharing in the power of the collective conscience to activate your belief in the universe and its position as a devoted companion that is here to support your inherent desire to live and lead by your heart.

Combined with a Sacred Shamanic Cacao Ceremony

Join us as we add to this experience the healing power of Shamanic chanting, drumming, crystal vibrations, guided meditation, natives songs, movement and a delicious cacao drink to nourish and support the divine light and love within you, preparing for your Unity Bubble transmission

The Unity Bubble is the transmission of divine love and acceptance that will actually live around you and accompany every aspect of your life as you become who you are meant to be

Once transmitted and activated, negative qualities find no support within the bubble as it's outer boundary protects continually against unseen negative outside influences

Ceremonial Cacao

The ceremonial intake of Cacao is a powerful Meditation of Love,  which strengthens and awakens us to a deeper relationship with our inner self, with others, with the planet and with All That Is.

Cacao is a potent jungle plant medicine that has been used in ceremony’s for thousands of years across Central and South America to support the release of energetic blockages and to open the heart center for self-love

Ceremonial Cacao

The Cacao is a gift to be shared, an opportunity to connect with oneself and with others, a chance to open the heart and embrace with tenderness our Suffering and our Joy. The Cacao supports us as a great partner in the process of inner transformation and healing. What ever your path is, Cacao will invite you to mindfully breath, listen and connect with the wisdom already available in you.

Sound Bath Thereapy

The sound and vibrations emanating from the crystal singing bowls re-tune the listener's body, initially by opening, clearing and re-balancing each of the 7 major Chakras.






Experience Unity

As a community, we will unite our breath and hearts in complete harmonic resonance; we will let ourselves enjoy and connect with our divine essence, so we can remember, experience and express the wisdom, the light within and our natural capacity for healing and unconditional love. 

Raw Ceremonial Cacao from Peru

You will be encouraged to have a CACAO drink at home ready to drink with us. We have a recipe to share with you. We also have Ceremonial Cacao you can purchase if you don't have any already. See pricing options below. 


Meet Reena

Spiritual life coach, healer and clairvoyant, Having met her own spiritual teachers at the age of 6, she has been surrounded by Divine Souls, spiritual teachings and meditation for much of her life. A student of world renowned teachers and masters like Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan of Oneness in India, Jonathan C.R. Davies, who is the creator of The Unity Bubble Program in Canada, as well as Peggy Pheonix Dubro and Eric Pearl from the U.S., Tahitian Islands and Bahamas.

Shaman Laetitia "Chonosoi"

Laetitia began studying traditional Amazonian medicine in 2010 followed by several long traditional diets immersed in the Amazon rainforest. She studied with different Shipibo Shamans in Europe and Peru becoming familiar with many Amazonian and European teacher-plants. She lived in the jungles of Peru for 7 years, as well as with the Mayan tribes, in Mexico, over the years improving her techniques in traditional medicine in community Shipibo and in different Centres of Medicine. She also co-founded a center of Ayahuasca Healing medicine in Tarapoto, Peru, in 2015. Now, leading several Shipibo and Cacao (soon to add CBD session), retreat groups in Peru and Mexico. She use also different instrument such as drum, Jew harps, crystal bowl, for working with the vibration of the body: the chakras, all the energies for healing.

Judy (Judite) Machado-Duque

Women's Spiritual + Business Transformation Coach, Judy split her time over the past 2 years preparing and launching a chocolate company. During that time she became infatuated with the spiritual story of cacao and is now committed to sharing these beautiful plant medicine truths with the world, through Cacao Circles, and encouraging everyone to add a powerful cacao ritual to their mornings. Judy is a certified Coach & Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy™. She is also the Author of Life Purpose Playbook, Creator of THE GODDESS TEMPLE Women's Group and Creator of The Goddess Temple Ceremonial Cacao.

Combining Master Plant Medicine, Cacao, with a powerful transmission of protection + unity

What to expect at this Ceremony?

The ceremony will be online and will last 2 hours.

  • Before the ceremony begins, you will have prepared for yourself a comfortable space, perhaps even a sacred space with candles, incense, cushions, yoga mat and a blanket

  • You will learn about the sacredness of cacao as a medicine, the origin and ancient ceremonial rituals and all the mind/body/spirit benefits of cacao

  • You will experience the authenticity, honouring and lineage of this medicine as you're guided by a beautiful soul, and Shaman. 
  • You will be guided to mindfully drink and enjoy a full cup of ceremonial cacao
  • You will experience guided heart opening activations and transmissions of the UNITY BUBBLE 
  • There will be a sound bath for chakra alignment and a Shamanic Journey through Native chanting, instruments and sounds for healing

Sacred Ceremony

Healing of oneself, through sacred knowledge - Sacred Cacao Ceremony + Unity Bubble transmission

"You are the Universe...

....in ecstatic motion" Rumi

Join us for this special Ceremony....

....on Wednesday May 23 online

If you wish to purchase some Ceremonial Cacao as well, follow the registration links above and a pop up will appear giving you an option to add it to your purchase.

You will also then be sent a PDF download of the recipe!

Both men and women welcome!

as we celebrate the awakening Divine Feminine in both men + women!

What to have with you for this Ceremony:

A blanket to two to stay warm while lying down

A cushion to lay your head

A yoga mat to lay down

Your favourite mug with your cacao drink (or any other drink if you don't have cacao)

A filled water bottle

A journal and pen


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