Beautiful Azores Cacao Retreat

A 7 day ENCHANTING cacao + chocolate experience in paradise 

March 20-26,2020

Experience the sacredness, healing and transformation from Shamanic Cacao medicine Ceremonies.

Community, chanting, yoga and nature as we celebrate Spring Equinox and the new moon!







Experience the Enchanting Azores

Experience these gorgeous Portuguese islands almost literally in the middle of the Atlantic Ocen

The Azores are magnificent Portuguese Islands, said to be the tips of the mountains of Atlantis

There is a 5 hr direct flight from Toronto to Terceira Island

Cacao is medicine

This retreat will include five Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies (including in celebration of the Spring Equinox + the New Moon with the Island locals) 

7 Days of Sacred Space

The Shaman and her team will create a beautiful safe space where you can fully immerse yourself in each Shamanic Cacao Ceremony. You will relax deeply, receive powerful insights, connect with your higher self and allow inspiration and divine guidance to flow through you

Group Yoga

Experience movement through daily yoga + meditation  

Sharing Circles

Heal and transform through sharing and supporting one another

Shipibo Conibo Tribe

Receive the highest inner guidance and self-healing with a Shaman in a Shamanic ritual that combines the traditional teachings of Shipibo Conibo Tribe of Peru, energy healing. Experience 5 enlightening Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies 

Osteopathic Body Treatment

Combined with your healing journey will be other beautiful holistic medicines including an Osteopathic treatment

Goat Mindfulness

Spend time on a beautiful, lush field on the Island, sitting and playing with the goats

Join us

Join us in this soul journey in the Azores

Cacao Ceremony

The ceremonial intake of Cacao is a powerful Meditation of Love,  which strengthens and awakens us to a deeper relationship with our inner self, with others, with the planet and with All That Is.

What happens in each Shamanic Cacao Ceremony?

The ceremonies will begin early evening and last approximately 4 hours each

  • Before the ceremony begins, you will be smudged with sage

  • You will learn about the sacredness of cacao as a medicine, the origin and ancient ceremonial rituals and all the mind/body/spirit benefits of cacao

  • You will experience the authenticity, honouring and lineage of this medicine as you're guided by a beautiful soul, and Divine Feminine Shaman. 
  • You will be guided to mindfully drink and enjoy a full cup of ceremonial cacao
  • This Retreat will include the Cacao Dieta with the Shaman holding space for you, in your healing + remembering, throughout the entire retreat
  • There will be a sound bath for chakra alignment and a Shamanic Journey through Native chanting, instruments and sounds for healing
  • You will share your personal intention before the Ceremony so that the Shaman and the Facilitators can support you throughout 
  • The Shaman will spend time with each person individually during one  of the Ceremonies
  • You will be offered a Cranial Sacral Massage during one of the Ceremonies, by Michael Brewster, who is an Osteopath. Michael is passionate about blending these two medicines (bodywork + plant medicine) to deepen your journey

Sound Bath Concerts

As a community, we will unite our breath and hearts in complete harmonic resonance; we will let ourselves enjoy and connect with our divine essence, so we can remember, experience and express the wisdom, the light within and our natural capacity for healing and unconditional love. 

The Shaman is the figure at the beginning of human history...

...that unties the Doctor, the Scientist and the Artist....into a single notion of care-giving and creativity - Author Terence Mckenna

Cacao Healing

Cacao is a gift to be shared, an opportunity to connect with oneself and with others, a chance to open the heart and embrace with tenderness our Suffering and our Joy

All You Need Is Love + More Chocolate

Experience cacao + dark chocolate every day as we journey all week long deep into our heart to peel away the layers of beliefs and stories holding us back from our DIVINITY

Hike through glorious nature

The Azores Islands are stunning and absolutely magical. Experience one of the 9 islands on this retreat: beautiful Terceira Island. 


The cacao medicine will help to deepen your meditations. Every morning you will be guided through a mediation then encouraged to spend time in nature to further connect to your spirit + Mother Earth. 

Transformational Journaling

Prepare to experience a deep personal connection and remembering through the powerful week long Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies

Sacred Altar

Bring with you your personal and sacred gems, crystals and momentums to add to our sacred alter during our stay

Meet Your Hosts:

Shaman Laetitia "Chonosoi"

Laetitia began studying traditional Amazonian medicine in 2010. She studied with different Shipibo Shamans in Europe and Peru becoming familiar with many Amazonian and European teacher-plants. She lived in the jungles of Peru for 7 years, as well as with the Mayan tribes, in Mexico, improving her techniques in traditional medicine. She also co-founded a center of Ayahuasca Healing medicine in Tarapoto, Peru, in 2015. Now, leading several Shipibo and Cacao (soon to add CBD sessions), retreat groups in Peru, Azores and Mexico. She uses also various instruments for working with the vibration of the body: the chakras, all the energies for healing.

Michael (Birin Soi) D.O. (MP)

Michael is an Osteopath who teaches Osteopathy internationally and works at a respected psychiatric hospital. His passion is Cranial Osteopathy, made popular under the term “Cranial Sacral Therapy. Balance the craniosacral system in the body, with the goal to awaken the body's own self-healing potential. Michael is currently an apprentice of the traditional Shipibo plant medicines and believes the fusion of these medicine will lead to greater understand of healing.

Judy (Judite) Machado-Duque

Entrepreneur & Spiritual Integration Coach, Judy split her time over the past 2 years preparing and launching a chocolate company. During that time she became infatuated with the spiritual significance of cacao and is now committed to sharing these beautiful plant medicine truths with the world, through Cacao Circles, and encouraging everyone to add a powerful cacao ritual to their mornings. Judy is a certified Coach & Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy™. She is also the Author of Life Purpose Playbook, Creator of THE GODDESS TEMPLE Women's Group and Creator of The Goddess Temple Ceremonial Cacao product line. 

Our Glorious Home For The Week:

Beautifully situated in nature, close to some of Praia da Vitória's most popular landmarks, such as Serra do Cume and Igreja da Misericórdia

Set in nature

This home is set in nature and away from the busier downtown area

Beautiful spacious home

Enjoy the many rooms and spaces this gorgeous home has to offer

Outdoor Seating Area

Enjoy the outdoors just as much as the inside of this home.

Spacious Living Areas

There are two large living rooms in this gorgeous home

Large Balcony

Walk out onto the large balcony to view the magnificent nature that the Azores has to offer.


Relax and rejuvenate in spacious and clean bedrooms with large windows to see luscious plants just steps outside your room.

Awaken your authentic + ancient SELF, harmonizing Spirit + Earth

Your true nature is to be deeply authentic and intuitive. Awaken her from your dream and step into your purpose.

March 20-26, 2020 (7 days)

March 20-28 taking place on Terceira Island, Azores Portugal (direct flight from Toronto)

Private Bedroom

$1,997 CAD

per person


Early Bird Pricing $1,997

Early Bird Euro €1,389

This room has a private bathroom, closet and outdoor patio for stargazing. 

There are 3 rooms available with queen beds.

Deposit: $500

Pay Deposit

Shared Bedroom (2 beds)

$1,797 CAD

per person


Early Bird Pricing $1,797

Early Bird Euro €1,250

This room has a private bathroom, closet and outdoor patio for stargazing. 

There is 1 room available with 1 single bed + 1 double bed inside the room. 

Deposit $500

Pay Deposit

Shared Bedroom (3 beds)

$1,497 CAD

per person

$2,300 CAD

Early Bird Pricing $1,497

Early Bird Euro €1,047

This room has a private bathroom, closet and outdoor patio for stargazing. 

There are 2 rooms available with 3 beds in the room. 

Deposit $500

Pay Deposit

Queen Suite with Spa Bath


for the room

This room has a private spa bathroom and large closet.

There is only 1 queen suite with spa bathroom available.




What's Included in This Magical Retreat?

  • Includes 5 sacred Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies
  • Scenic tours and adventure within Terceira Island
  • If coming from Toronto, you will fly directly to Terceira Island on March 19 overnight flight.
  • Once you book your spot with us in this Retreat, we will help with confirming all flight details and links. 
  • Delicious vegan cuisine + lodging + transportation (see below re additional food expenses)
  • During our island tours we will spend 4 different occasions dining out, + several cafe/coffee stops along our day trip adventures. You will be responsible for purchasing your meals/snacks at these occasions. All restaurants will be located in the smaller villages with delicious typical Portuguese food and very reasonably priced 

Flights are not included in our retreat pricing: 

Direct flight to Terceira Island is weekly on Thursday evenings. This is why the retreat will begin on a Friday, so that you leave Toronto on Thursday evening. 

If you fly in from another city, there may be a direct flight to Terceira Island. And if not, there will be one to Sao Miguel Island where you will have a quick stop over then fly to Terceira Island. 

Contact Judy at [email protected] for more specific details on flights . 


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